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The members of the BambooTeq® team are fully committed to the creation of a global BambooTeq® network, so that everyone, anywhere in the world has access to BambooTeq® products and services. We like to get in touch with you and are open to any kind of cooperation.
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About us
Qlabs Industries BV is an independent company, established in Rijnsburg, founded in 2005, which focuses on researching and developing innovative products and services. Always in combination with go-to-market strategies. Within Qlabs Industries BV social responsibility plays a key role since its inception. Therefore Qlabs Industries BV has the goal to contribute to BioBased building and other forms of sustainable employment and enterprise. The latest result is BambooTeq®.

About BambooTeq®
Since the introduction of BambooTeq® it has been our objective that our brand should be recognized as the best quality bamboo materials available. Such ambition can only be realized if the raw material bamboo is combined with proper engineering, production and management. Within a very short timeframe Qlabs Industries (BambooTeq®) has become reputable as a corporation and innovator in the world of bamboo materials.

The meaning of our company pay-off
Thank you for choosing bamboo. The natural raw material bamboo is in many ways a wonderful gift of nature. Today, a meaningful choice. We believe that such a gift deserves at least a sign of appreciation. Something we need to occasionally realize and remember. Saying ‘Thank You’ is the idea behind the all-encompassing slogan of our company and our people.

‘Thank You’.