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DUC Marine Group is going to apply bamboo decking by BambooTeq.


The new vessel is equipped with the latest technology and the first to use sustainable bamboo decking in cooperation with bamboo manufacturer BambooTeq. ‘Use of sustainable and environmental friendly materials has become self-evident in our business’, according to operations manager Ewoud Visser.

BambooTeq has a heavy-duty bamboo material line for the offshore-industry as alternative for wood. Hyuk Brands (GM at BambooTeq): ‘At BambooTeq we are very exited to work with DUC Marine and their new innovative vessel. It’s a first step for BambooTeq to supply the offshore industry with highly renewable bamboo materials as alternative for wood’.

About the multi-purpose support vessel
The DUC Marine Group provides multi-purpose vessels for a range of offshore and nearshore operations. Because our coastal DSV (MV Ram) is fully employed almost all year round, and vessels on the spot market being either too small or too large for our customers’ requirements, DUC set about creating a new, medium-sized multi-purpose support vessel to fill the gap in the market. This new vessel – ‘MV “Solution”’ – is an all-Dutch product, owned by DUC Marine Group, designed by Hernand Jansen naval architects, constructed at the Shipconhull yard, and outfitted by Hoekman Shipbuilding. Currently under construction, with delivery expected in March 2016, “Solution” will have a length of 55 metres, a draft of minimum 2.80 metres and maximum 3.50 metres, and a cruising speed of 12 knots. The vessel will be diesel-electric powered through a combination of six Volvo Penta D13 diesel engines delivering 475 kW each; two 650 kW electric Omega Verhaar azipods providing aft thrust, and two 450 kW electric thrusters at the bow. One of the bow thrusters is the swing-up type. The vessel will be equipped with a DPII system for superior positioning with an impressive DP-capability plot.

Visit the website of DUC Marine Group for more information and contact information.

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