Unique engineered structural bamboo and dimensional components.

Meet us during the Greenbuild Expo in November 2013.

What’s the news?
We develop a unique engineered structural bamboo material and a range of other bamboo materials. Ready to go-to-market.

We are looking for new business partners for the US and Canada region
In order to expand our overseas business we are looking for new business partners. We want to use our first meeting to explore common grounds for future business development and listen to your story and potential business needs. Samples of structural bamboo material already sold in the US will be shown to compare it with BambooTeq® structural bamboo and BambooTeq® Dimensional Components.

The bamboo business is an exciting new business with many great opportunities. Our offer to potential partners: an excellent bamboo productline, competitive pricing and us as a solid business partner to support you. A great way to start.

Our company background and trackrecord
Qlabs Industries BV develops and researches innovate products, technologies and go-to-market strategies. Qlabs Industries BV is originated from a division of a bridge construction company Haasnoot Bruggen, based in The Netherlands and was founded in 1962. Qlabs Industries Corporation was founded in 2005 to focus fully on innovative and sustainable materials. Both companies work close together in bringing only the very best in the business.

Our trackrecord:

• 2013 introduction BambooTeq®, engineered bamboo.
• 2012 introduction Thorca® panels for Chinook helicopters. Thorca Ramp® and Thorca Loadspreader®.
• 2010 introduction Thorca® Sandwich Panels for bridgeconstructions in Europe.
• 2007 introduction and development of the first fiberglass reinforced bridge construction in Europe.
• 2005 introduction of Fiberline® composite panels in the Netherlands.

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